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Learning Management System (LMS)

The LMS is a system that can help the schools to deliver their teaching materials to the students as well as to keep track of the students progress like homeworks or assignments. The LMS also supports online examinations with flexible types of questions.


There are two major LMS consists of:


Q : How can I log in to LMS?

A : Every one can login to either “aulms” or “lms.msme” with their AU account (without “”). However, you can get access to only the enrolled courses.

Q : Why are there two LMS?

A : The “” is a LMS for every subject belonging to “Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics” where the “” support for all other subjects. Please confirm with the instructors about the correct system of your subject.

Q : Why can’t I see my course in LMS?

A : Please be informed that not all the courses available in LMS. It depends on the school and instructors of the courses. Please contact your instructor to confirm if the course is available in LMS or not.

Q : How can I enroll in the LMS courses?

A : You are automatically enrolled in all eligible courses.

Q : Why can’t I see my examination link?

A : The link will be displayed as scheduled. Please confirm with your instructor about the available time. However, even if you see the link, you cannot start the exam before schedule.

Q : How can I create a course in LMS

A : If you are an instructor, please fill in this form
then our staff will contact you back real soon.